The farm  
Shrubs farm house and barn sits in 270 acres of mixed arable, meadow and woodland.  The farm is managed in accordance with the countryside stewardship scheme which operates at different levels. Our farm is in High Level Stewardship.

The idea is that we encourage wild life by creating suitable habitat and help provide naturally occurring food .

A typical example of this would be to leave a "margin" around the field edge and allow it to grow naturally. This would provide food and cover for wild life and encourage wild flowers - which might be sown in some cases.
Many areas contain woods or small spinneys which are managed but not made too tidy as any fallen trees may contain bugs which are a valuable food source for birds and animals.
Many meadows have been uncultivated for many years and as a result wild flowers have established very well.  May is particularly good for cowslips.
We have many areas of English bluebells. 
Some are quite a nice find such as these Orchids
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