The garden is spread over 2 acres and is made up of several areas, some formal & some informal.    Changes and replanting are often carried out over the course of each year in different places.

The structure of the garden is composed of shrubs and trees some quite old and established. Other plantings include a formal rose garden including four varieties (Absolutely Fabulous, Chandos Beauty, Burgundy Ice, Tintinara ) of bush roses complemented by a selection of shrub roses and climbers contain perennials and annuals.


The soil type is best described as very poor !   We are on heavy clay over sand and very thin top soil. This results in very wet or very dry conditions with approximately 2 days when it's just right !

Vast amounts of organic matter are constantly added to improve the soil and anything that makes it past year 1 usually survives.  Although difficult for many shrubs the roes thrive.

There  are many different vistas some leading into 50 acres of parkland planted with a number of e trees including a number of Qercus (Oaks) quite unusual oaks. 
Garden tours usually include a walk through the parkland and woods with the owner, taking in all the oak plantings.
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